Universal Camper Van Roofs

You may be able to fit to other vehicles

To establish a roof for your vehicle, we have a selection of roofs on our website. Please check first to see if we have your type of vehicle roof, before you chose any other roof. Once you have established we haven’t got a roof you are looking for, you may choose from any of the type of roofs we sell as well as any universal roof we may show on our site.

All of these have dimensions that maybe shown on our website, if not speak to our office by calling 0191419 1111 and we will email you any information we have.

The lifting type of roofs we generally supply are in the following applications, but in most instances;

1 . Some of these maybe for specific vehicles, however there is no reason why you can’t fit them to other vehicles, but they will probably require trimming. However we have also got universal roofs and the reason we have called them universal is because they are more suited to fit to most vehicles that any of the other roofs.

2. The most important thing to do is to the get the outside dimensions of the roof shell and make sure this will fit the flat area of your roof. Once you have established this at least you know the roof is not too big. Please note; that in most instances that you will have to trim down the shell of the roof to the profile of your roof, however the gasket will take lot adjustment up.

3. All universals roofs have a specific maximum hole size that will be shown on the instructions, this hole maybe reduced or made wider to suite your requirements, but must remain within at least 60mm shorter in length and in width than the position where the tent is fasten down at on the roof. This may mean that you may have to cut a smaller hole out and fasten the perimeter of the tent to the body, to establish an exact tent fastening down position. Once you have done that you can increase the hole size to suite what you require.

Strengthening the opening up

As you will appreciate we can only provide timber or metal frame work in lengths for you to cut up and fasten/weld and cut to size to suite your requirements. You will need to make certain that the frame work that you put around the opening supports the edge and keeps the roof firmly supported. This may require additional fabrication work on your behalf, to tie in the support frame to any strengthening points on the vehicle, and we cannot take any responsibility on this and can only offer you advice.