General Info

Opening Times - Factory/Office

Monday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 12:30pm (Office Only)

Fitting Service

We only offer fitting services at our Washington factory up in the North East of England;

Unit 51 Hutton Close
Crowther Industrial Estate
Tyne & Wear
NE38 0AH

Should you wish to enquire about us installing a roof or carrying out other services. Please call 0191 4191111 or email us at

Please note that we will require 50% payment with the order. Any roof that wants painting will require the customer to email us their paint code, we will need this 2 weeks before we can confirm installation date.

Prices are always based on the amount of work that is to be carried out on an empty vehicle, with all obstructions being removed by customer.

Elevating Bed Kits, Bed Boards or any trimming or lining out around the cut-out hole opening are additional items that we can carry out for additional costs. Please ask us for costs of the additional works.

Fitting Service Terms & Conditions : Deliveries or collections from our premises or delivery vans

All goods remain the property of Nulite Ltd until full payment has been received.

All goods and workmanship must be inspected by the customer prior to leaving our premises or before the driver leaves and sign for accordingly.

Fitting Service Terms & Conditions : Fitting Jobs

It is up to the customer to show us the vehicle on arrival and agree the general condition of the vehicle when it was received by Nulite Ltd. Failure to do this will mean that we cannot take any responsibility for any damage or general condition when delivered or collected.

Should there be any minor marks on the vehicle when delivered that can not be seen due to rain or dirt that has occurred and can not be identified, this cannot be our responsibility.

Should there be any defect that we acknowledge is our responsibility, the conditions of our services and installations is that the vehicle will be brought back to us without any cost incurring to ourselves for the repair work to be carried out.

Any incorrect information which will incur additional costs, must be paid by the customer.

Whilst we always try and achieve dates that we have agreed with customers, we reserve the rights to alter commencement dates, periods of works and collection dates/times. Should circumstances change out of our control.

Special Offers

From time to time we may have some slightly damaged units that will be reduced in cost. Please give us a call and we will take details and advise.

We can also offer reduced delivery costs if you can wait till we are in your area.

If you are able to buy more than one roof discount will be given.

From time to time we have elevating bed offers at reduced prices after a roof unit is purchased.

Colour Coding

We are not able to colour code but we can have the roofs painted, but the roofs must be collected by the customer.

Roof Racks

On most models, roofs racks can be fitted to take up to 40kg including downforce of the wind (wind loading)

Advisory Points!

  1. It's always best to fit roof rack supports outside of the tent line as there can be no water ingress.
  2. Fitting points need to be at the strongest part of the roof, which is generally on the same line as the hinges and gas springs.
  3. Please be aware that whichever type of roof rack you use, the roof rack must not misshape the curvature of the roof.
  4. If a roof rack is fitted correctly, then there should be no problem. However, if it is not fitted properly then problems may occur sometimes and cannot be rectified. So please check what you are fitting is being done correctly.
  5. The roof is not designed to lift added weight so please remove before you open your roof.
  6. We are more than happy to give advice when needed but we will not take any responsibility for any damage that may occur through the fitting of the roof rack.

Sun Roof

On certain units provisions have been made with the mould to fit a sun roof please call and we can advise accordingly.
Please note whilst we will help all clients we cannot be responsible for all above accessories that may be fitted after purchase has been made.

Paint Recommendations

Before starting the preparation for the spraying of the roof, the roof MUST be pre cured at 40-50 degrees Celsius for about 3 hours to remove any residual moisture content.


Inspect the surface of the roof for pores or air pockets. If necessary puncture these places and fill them with polyester based filler.

Sand the gel coat surface with a rotary sander using 280-grit or finer abrasive paper. Then apply 2 pack high build primer to create an undercoat for the topcoat.

Once primer has cured, sand with the rotary sander using 500-grit or finer abrasive paper. The surface must be dry and free from dust, grease and silicone.

For the final topcoat use 2C-HS paint and for a more resistant surface apply 2C-HS-Clear coat.

Please note: At no time should the drying temperature exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

This process must be done with all roofs before spraying.

VW Dimensions

Please Click Here for full range of Volkswagen vehicle information and dimension.


Collections are available 8am until 5pm monday to friday. Arrangements can be made to collect at later times in the evening or at weekends.

Please ensure that you have checked the size of the roof before you leave and that your vehicle is big enough to accomodate.

We can cover the roof with a plastic shrink rap and provide straps to fasten the roof to your vehicle however please call for more details on how this works. 


Deliveries generally cost between £70 - £250 within a 250 mile radius however the cost can vary depending on size, weight and number of roofs. Please advise your location and we can check with our transport department. If you are able to wait until we are next in your area delivery cost can be reduced to £80, please note all units sent by transport companies will need to be paid for prior. Deliveries by our selves can be paid for at the time of delivery.

Shipping overseas can be supplied subject to location

Overseas Deliveries

Europe haulage shipping to specific addresses vary depending on the size, weight and number of roofs. Please contact us for more detail.

Shipping overseas can be supplied to the ports listed below with a rough idea of delivery time scales. If you are outside of the EU or are VAT registered within the EU please read the following concerning VAT.

VAT on sale of goods outside of the UK

Within European Union - Please note that within the European Union the UK rate of VAT will be charged UNLESS you are VAT registered in your country. If you are VAT registered then you do not have to pay the VAT however you must provide proof of your company details and VAT registration information as well as proof of transportation of goods outside of the UK.

Outside of European Union - Purchases made from countries outside of the EU will be exempt from VAT providing proof of transportation is given and all documentation is correct.

Destination : Port - Country - Approximate Transit Time (Port to Port)

ABU DHABI - U.A.E. - 29 days
ADELAIDE - Australia - 48 days
AQABA - Jordan - 16 days
ASHDOD - Israel - 17 days
AUCKLAND - New Zealand - 41 days
BAHRAIN - Bahrain - 29 days
BANGALORE - India - 34 days
BANGKOK - Thailand - 29 days
BRISBANE - Australia - 50 days
BUENOS AIRES - Argentina - 20 days
CALCUTTA - India - £132 days
CHRISTCHURCH - New Zealand - 41 days
COLOMBO - Sri Lanka - 120 days
DALIAN - China - 36 days
DAMMAM - Saudi Arabia - 29 days
DOHA - Qatar - 29 days
DUBAI - U.A.E. - 21 days
DURBAN - South Africa - 23 days
FREMANTLE - Australia - 38 days
HANOI - Vietnam - 33 days
HO CHI MINH - Vietnam - 29 days
HONG KONG - Hong Kong - 29 days
JAKARTA - Indonesia - 28 days
JEDDAH - Saudi Arabia - 14 days
JOHANNESBURG - South Africa - 26 days
KAOHSIUNG - Taiwan - 30 days
KARACHI - Pakistan - 29 days
KEELUNG - Taiwan - 30 days
KUWAIT - Kuwait - 29 days
LARNACA - Cyprus - 20 days
LIMASSOL - Cyprus - 10 days
MANILA - Philippines - 29 days
MARSAXLOKK - Malta - 14 days
MELBOURNE - Australia - 40 days
NHAVA SHEVA - India - 27 days
NINGBO - China - 34 days
PENANG - Malaysia - 30 days
PORT KELANG - Malaysia - 26 days
PORT OF SPAIN - Trinidad & Tobago - 11 days
PT SULTAN QABOOS - Oman - 29 days
QINGDAO - China - 36 days
RIYADH - Saudi Arabia - 33 days
SALALAH - Oman - 32 days
SANTOS - Brazil - 20 days
SHANGHAI - China - 29 days
SHARJAH - U.A.E. - 29 days
SINGAPORE - Singapore - 19 days
SYDNEY - Australia - 42 days
TOKYO - Japan - 34 days
WELLINGTON - New Zealand - 37 days
XIAMEN - China - 35 days
XINGANG - China - 33 days

ATLANTA - USA - 15 days
BALTIMORE - USA - 12 days
BOSTON - USA - 12 days
CHICAGO - USA - 14 days
CLEVELAND - USA - 16 days
DALLAS - USA - 19 days
EDMONTON - Canada - 23 days
HOUSTON - USA - 17 days
LOS ANGELES - USA - 27 days
MIAMI - USA - 14 days
NEW YORK - USA - 09 days
NORFOLK - USA - 16 days
SEATTLE - USA - 31 days
TORONTO - Canada - 11 days
VANCOUVER - Canada - 21 days

Rates are subject to our trading and credit conditions (copies available on request).
Rates are based on current rates of exchange and are subject to fluctuation, applicable at time of booking.
Rates are subject to acceptance at time of booking.
Rates are subject to change.
Transit times are approximations only.



Other ports are available on request.