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We can express deliver our campervan roofs throughout the UK within 3 working days or you can collect from our premises during the week or at weekends (with prior notice).

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Fiat Ducato SWB Front Elevator 2006 +

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UK Key Details
EU/International Key Details
Purchase Roof have been supplying elevating campervan roofs to the UK and world wide for over 10 years and we currently offer the widest range of products suitable for many types of campervan conversions. Each roof has been made with quality products and assembled in our works by experienced operatives.

UK : Important product information

EU / International : Important product information

Please read the following carefully and pay special attention to details regarding the delivery of your roof within the UK to avoid disappointment. Purchasing and installing a campervan roof is a significant financial commitment and ordering the wrong roof, cancelling a bespoke order or not inspecting your roof when it is delivered can be costly.

The following information answers many of the typical questions that you may have but also highlights key points to be considered and pitfalls to avoid.

Roof shell size guide - Please check our size guide and your van size carefully before ordering.

UK roof deliveries - Important!

It is especially important that you understand our UK delivery process and we really appreciate your support in ensuring a smooth delivery. We use our own transportation within the UK and we have a specific delivery process that we follow. We advise that you mark down dates as you may need to contact us as part of the process.

Step 1 - We will provide you with an estimated week for delivery when you place your order. This week may change depending on circumstances.

Step 2 - One week before delivery we will contact you to give you the delivery date and approximate time. We will make reasonable attempts to contact you via phone, email and text however if we cannot contact you within that week then your delivery will be put on hold until communication can be established.

Step 3 - On the day of the delivery the driver will be in contact by phone to confirm that you are ready for the delivery and if they are unable to contact you they will not proceed with the delivery. If you have not heard from our driver by 10am we strongly recommend that you contact the office. Even though you have been given an appoximate time you should ensure you are available between 8am and 7pm.

Locations that we ship to in the world

We ship anywhere within the world. It is your responsibility to check with local authorities in your country to see if any import duties/taxes are due and that your country does not have import restrictions. Country specific taxes outside of the UK are in addition to the price charged for your roof. It may be necessary to hire an agent to assist with customs clearance and to advise on whether import taxes have to be paid.

Business users will need an EORI number to avoid additional taxes. VAT is exempt if all vat information is provided. This information is required by the ports to avoid hold ups.

Paying for your roof

We require full payment of all costs including delivery charges when you place an order. It is important to note that your order will not start processing until payment has been received.

If you are based in the UK you can purchase your roof from this page using our e-commerce facility (Click on the purchase roof link above or scroll down the page).

We also accept visa card payment over the phone or a bank transfer. An invoice will be sent out in the post or via email within 7 to 10 days.

If transferring money from a different currency please allow for any exchange rate fees and bank charges to ensure that we receive the full amount in UK currency.

VAT : Unless otherwise specified, prices are plus VAT for UK customers.

VAT European Union : Customers in Europe with a valid VAT certificate do not have to pay VAT however they may have to pay a import tax  depending on your country  rules.

VAT Rest of World : NO VAT is charged on exports however import taxes / duties may be applicable and are not included in our price.

Prices shown on our website and import/export taxes are subject to change. Please check before you purchase online.

Business users will need an EORI number to avoid additional taxes. VAT is exempt if all vat information is provided to us. This information is required by the ports to avoid hold ups.

Delivery costs

Please ensure you provide us with your delivery address details in any enquiry about price.

Price can depend on where you are located and how many roofs you purchase. Prices for a single roof delivery can be found in the drop down list below for your area. If your area is not listed you will need to contact us for a fixed price.

If you are prepared to wait until we are next delivering in your area then this may reduce delivery costs.

Fees can only be quoted once we know the details of your order and the destination. Roofs are transported in timber crates to provide maximum protection and for bulk orders we can usually add 8 - 10 roofs to a crate which helps reduce the shipping cost per roof.

Dispatch and delivery time scales

Dispatch timescale depend on our current stock levels and if you have added bespoke requirements and optional extras.

As a guideline standard UK for roofs in stock are ready for dispatch in 3-4 weeks. Roofs with bespoke options usually take between 4-7 weeks.

Delivery after dispatch can be up to 7 days. To speed up delivery, roofs in stock that have not been allocated to a customer, can be collected from our premises.

We aim to dispatch international orders within 4-7 weeks however if bespoke options or optional extras are required this can increase the delivery time.

Roof safety testing (TUV) : Test videos & certification

Currently there are no specific requirements for testing of elevating roofs in the UK.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to make sure the product is robust and safe and that the vehicle it is fitted to has the correct insurance and has passed its MOT.

Please do not fit a roof to your vehicle without first checking that your campervan conversion meets local driving agency standards. It is your responsibility to ensure that any vehicle conversions have the correct documentation and meets local safety standards. We do not give out specific advice because standards vary from country to country and can even change between different test centres.

TUV approval may be required within Europe. Approval has been given previously and can be given on any of our roof types based upon the manufacture technical information, roof drawings and roof fitting instructions that we provide however you should approach your local test centre directly to check.

The following information may need to be offered to your local vehicle testing centre. If additional information is required then you may need to contact us for advice.

We have made significant efforts to ensure that our products are of the highest standards and with this in mind we have tested our main selling elevating roofs through the rigerous STATUS (Specialisty Transport Advisory & Testing Utility Society) testing process.

Videos and copies of the test certificate / report are available for our main roof types below.

M1 Pull Safety Tested

The following products we have are M1 pull tested which simulates a crash at 30mph into solid concrete by pulling the seats with a similar force. The vehicles were tested with our steel galvanised upper roof strengthening frame in place. This shows that our elevating roof frame maintains its integrity while under simulated frontal impact test conditions in a variety of vehicles.

We can provide a copy of the test certificate and report is available if required.

Collecting your campervan roof from us

Collection times Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and Saturday morning 9am - 11am. Once inspected and collected the roof is no longer our responsibility so we recommend that you collect the roof in person so that it can be inspected. If you decide to use a third party courier then your roof will need to be crated which costs extra to help prevent damage in transit. If collecting in person we recommend that you pay extra for crating to protect the roof while in transit.

You should also take the following into account to avoid disappointment.

  • We recommend that the roof is collected in a covered vehicle and that is is wrapped, stacked and tied carefully to avoid damage
  • Do not collect the roof on the vehicle you are fitting the roof to as on most instances it will not fit inside that vehicle
  • From past experience, using a roof rack to transport your new roof is not recommended

Offloading your roof(s)

Within the UK you will need to provide the driver with assistance to offload your roof. Roofs should be handled and stored with care.

We recommend that you use a forklift to offload a crated roof due to the size and weight or alternatively you can pay extra for a tail gate fork lift delivery vehicle. Some couriers may allow you to remove the roof or roofs from the crate while it is on the vehicle however you must check with them beforehand as additional fees may be charged for waiting time. Please ensure you have the necessary assistance or equipment to offload. If offloading safely is not possible due to lack of equipment, people or time then the courier will leave and additional fees may be charged before they are prepared to redeliver. It is also your responsibility to remove and dispose of any packaging.


3 years for GRP roof shell and hardware, 1 year for the gas springs and tent cover. Damage due to excessive wear and tear, abuse or mishandling is not covered.  

Returns due to damage in transit

Roofs are carefully inspected before being sent out for delivery. It is important that you inspect your roof carefully when it arrives and that you report any damage to the driver so that the roof can be returned immediately. Please ensure that you make time available to do a visual inspection on delivery. If you don't inspect at point of delivery and you later report the roof as being damaged in transit we have to assume that the roof was damaged after it was delivered and you will be liable for any additional costs incured.

Returns and refunds due to cancellation

If you decide to cancel your order once the roof has been delivered then the cost of the return will be deducted from any refund. Refunds will only be made once the roof has been returned and inspected. There are no refunds for bespoke items/extras that have been manufactured.

Return and replacement due to sizing issues

Please ensure that you purchase the correct roof for your vehicle and that you carefully check the dimensions of the elevating roof against the vehicle you are fitting it to. You will have to cover the cost of collection and delivery if you order the wrong roof.

Refunds for bespoke roofs and accessories

We do not refund bespoke items/extras once they have been manufactured. Bespoke items are products that have been specifically manufactured for you and include tents in non standard colours and materials.

What counts as bespoke

  • Rear elevator roofs are made to order and are therefore bespoke items
  • Any tent that is not the Standard Grey Cotton Canvas Tent
  • Any roof manufactured in a black
  • Side elevating and vertical elevating roofs excluding vertical elevating mini roofs

At our discretion partial refunds may be offered once deductions have been made to restandardise the roof for examples removing and replacing a bespoke tent with our standard tent.

Can I install my own roof

Many of our customers install their own roofs however for best results we always recommend that you have your campervan roof installed by a trained competent fitter or fitting company.

Fitting information sheets are provided for most products although the sizes shown are guide lines only as final tolerance adjustments will need to be made during the setting out and installation to achieve the best fitting. Generic fitting instructions are provided on certain roof models for our universal roofs. In some instances you may need to make additional roof strengthening alterations and carry out alterations to suit your vehicle. 

Help and advice can be offered by contacting our technical team.

Information sheets and technical support

Fitting information sheets are provided for most products although the sizes shown are guide lines only as final tolerance adjustments will need to be made during the setting out and installation to achieve the best fitting.

Generic fitting instructions are provided on certain roof models for our universal roofs. In some instances you may need to make additional roof strengthening alterations and carry out alterations to suit your vehicle.

Technical support is available. Support via phone or email can only be provided in English.

Important notes for fitting a campervan roof

The following a key points you should review before installing a campervan roof. A more comprehesive guide based on a T5 Transporter can be found on our website at

1) Always look at the vehicle and the instruction carefully so you understand each point before proceeding as mistakes can be costly.

2) Check that the roof containing hole is correctly marked out as per our diagram before cutting. It is important to check that the distance from the front of your roof to the front of the roof opening is correct and the same at the back. You should try the roof on the van before you mark out.

3) If you are having the roof painted you should mark and trim the roof to size before you send it to the painters.

4) Take care not to get any paints or fluids or sustances of any kind on the canvas as these can leave a stain that you may not be able to remove.

5) Cover all cut out metal edges as you proceed and wear safety gloves when handling where possible.

6) Apply protection covers to the vehicle inside and out to prevent accidental damage/scratching.

7) Ensure the frame work and tent are sealed correctly and check for water ingress. We also recommend you drive your vehicle to check for metal movement noises as soon as the roof is in place and before you start doing interior finishes.

8) Allow clearance distance for the spoiler if you are fitting one as there is a movement of 15mm when the roof and gas springs are in the closed position.

9) The roof should closes correctly and be central before you fasten the tent.

10) Do not close the roof with the gas springs fitted if the tent has not been fitted as this will stress the hinges.

Generic fitting instructions are available for all of our roofs however you may need to make additional roof strengthening alterations to suit your vehicle.

Professional roof fitting service

We offer a professional roof fitting service at our factory in Washington, Tyne and Wear, NE38 0AH which is approximately 5 minutes off the A1 about 10 miles from Newcastle. There is also a list of campervan roof fitters available on our website. The fitters on that list are companies that we have supplied roofs to and the quality of work supplied by those companies is not approved or inspected by us.

When purchasing a roof to be fitted by us please ask for our earliest fitting date or book a date in advance. We will need the for 4 full working days and possibly longer depending on your specific requirements.

Please keep in mind the following before booking a slot.

  • We require details of any accessories or optional extras that you want including i..e elevating bed kits, bespoke tent colours or tent scenic options.
  • You will have to pay 50% of the agreed fitting cost in advance.
  • If the roof is to be painted, we need the roof colour code and vehicle registration number.
  • Text, email or written confirmation of the vehicle type, model and the wheelbase size i.e. Short Wheel Base (SWB), Medium (MWB), Long (LWB) or Extra Long (ELWB).
  • Before fitting, the vehicle should be empty of all furniture and seats unless otherwise agreed.
  • If the vehicle has already been converted in some way then we will need to inspect it at our factory before deciding if we are willing to fit a roof or make any alterations.
  • Vehicles must be clean so they can be inspected before they are handed over to us.
  • You should contact our office a week prior to confirm you will still be arriving on the agreed date. If you do not confirm then your vehicle may have to move to a later fitting slot.

Collection times for vehicles are Monday to Friday 9am - 3pm.

Inspection of work and warranty

You are responsible for inspecting the work and your vehicle to ensure that you are happy with the fitting of the product, that the product operates as expected and that your vehicle is returned in the condition you expect. The roof and fitting is covered by warranty. If work is required under warranty, it is your responsibility to bring the vehicle to our workshop for inspection.

Having your campervan roof painted

We do not provide a painting service however you can get your roof painted. Our roofs are manufactured in white or for an additional fee in black. For best results you should always use a professional. It is essential that the correct preparation, process and materials are used and you have your roof painted at your own risk.

If you do decide to have your roof painted please note the following.

Before starting the preparation for the spraying of the roof, the roof must be pre cured at 40-50 degrees Celsius for about 3 hours to remove any residual moisture content. This is especially necessary with dark colours.

Inspect the surface of the roof for pores or air pockets. If necessary puncture these places and fill them with polyester based filler.

Sand the gel coat surface with a rotary sander using 280-grit or finer abrasive paper. Then apply 2 pack high build primer to create an undercoat for the topcoat.

Once primer has cured, sand with the rotary sander using 500-grit or finer abrasive paper. The surface must be dry and free from dust, grease and silicone.

For the final topcoat use 2C-HS paint and for a more resistant surface apply 2C-HS-Clear coat.

Please note: At no time should the drying temperature exceed 40 degrees Celsius.


Choosing the right tent for the right conditions

Different canvas types offer different levels of protection to the weather. If you expect to be using the roof in heavy weather or cold conditions you may want to upgrade to a heavier canvas like the Extreme Polyester and you should consider purchasing an exterior insulation cover to provide higher levels of protection. These add an extra layer of protection and comfort especially in wet weather or cold conditions and they are widely available on the internet. The cotton canvas tent that comes as standard with your roof is water resistant but not water proof and it is best suited to vehicles you intend to use in the summer months or when combined with an exterior cover. After market spray on waxes like Fabsil Gold can also offer additional protection.

Fitting a roof rack

Roof racks can be fitted to our elevating roofs however incorrect fitting may cause damage and invalidate your warranty so please proceed with caution. We recommend that you use a professional roof fitting company who have expertise in handling campvan roofs and who will be liable for any damage caused by incorrect fitting. Fitting and using a roof rack is entirely at your own risk and we will accept no liabilty if the fitting or use of a roof rack causes damage to your roof.

Roof component list

  • Insulated glass reinforced plastic (GRP) roof shell in white (black is available) with a grey valour head lining and a full perimeter gasket.
  • Stainless steel hinges and fixings handles, holding straps and roof tie strap brackets
  • Gas springs with attachment brackets
  • Grey cotton canvas tent comes as standard. A bespoke range of different colours and canvas types are available.
  • 3 meter plastic trims to fasten base of the tent
  • Full GRP spoiler or EDPM rubber wind defector gasket depending on make and model
  • White and grey headlining trim holder (Transporters only)
  • Strengthening frame and side flashing's where applicable
  • All fixings
  • Fitting instructions
  • Most repacement parts are available
  • Roof shell size guide - Please check our size guide and your van size before ordering.
  • GRP Material specification sheet (PDF)

Not supplied

  • Perimeter tent mastic seal / or metal bonding sealant
  • Internal trimming
  • Elevating bed kit (available as an extra)

Upgrades and extras

The roof tent is available in a variety of types, materials and colours which you can view on the home page of our site starting from £155 + Vat

Roof valour colour options grey or black

On certain roofs the GRP roof shell can be supplied in black for an additional £200 + Vat

Elevating bed kits in grey puntinella finish from £450 + Vat

Gas spring kits, these are used if the customer wishes to use their own coloured boards £180 + Vat

Single 1 inch mattress £80 + Vat


Purchase Fiat Ducato SWB Front Elevator 2006 +


We can supply and fit this product to an empty van at our premises in Washington, Tyne and Wear. Contact us if your van is already fitted out as prices will vary.

(+£496.00 VAT)

Note! - Prices for supply and fit are only available at our premises in Washington, Tyne and Wear and are based upon fitting to an empty van shell. If you are looking for fitting companies in other areas of the country why not review our roof fitting companies page and contact a local company directly.

Purchase Fiat Ducato SWB Front Elevator 2006 +


We can supply and fit this product to an empty van at our premises in Washington, Tyne and Wear. Contact us if your van is already fitted out as prices will vary.

(+£496.00 VAT)

Note! - Prices for supply and fit are only available at our premises in Washington, Tyne and Wear and are based upon fitting to an empty van shell. If you are looking for fitting companies in other areas of the country why not review our roof fitting companies page and contact a local company directly.

Black Gel Coat Finish

Our roofs come in white as standard however for an additional fee the roof is available in black

Tent Options - Canvasses and Colours

There are a range of canvas types, tent types and colour options that you can select from. Each range of colours comes in the three tent types we supply which are the standard tent, half zipout tent and full zipout tent.


You can choose from 6 different standard cotton canvas colours as part of the price of your roof. Grey Cotton Canvas is the default option if you do not choose a colour.

View tent options by clicking on buttons below. The available selection will appear under the buttons. Note! Supply time for canvasses is subject to suppliers delivery period.


We are currently updating our payment provider.

To order this roof please call us on 0191 419 1111 (opt 2)

Click here or contact us for overseas delivery information.

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